Oracle Performance Tuning Course


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What's Included

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  • 1 downloadable resources
  • Access on tablet and phone
  • Certificate of completion


  • Getting started with Oracle on Linux
  • Important Linux Commands, Service Configuration
  • SQL Developer connecting to linux
  • Oracle Architecture, Oracle Memory Architecture, Oracle Physical Architecture
  • Performance & Tuning: Overview & Goals
  • Tuning The Shared Pool, Tuning The Buffer Cache
  • Control Files, Redo files
  • Archive Log, No Archive Log
  • Oracle Physical Architecture
  • Tablespaces, Data files, Blocks, Extents
  • Oracle Result Cache, Query Result Cache, Function Result Cache
  • Oracle Transactions and Locks, Transactions, Isolation Levels in Oracle
  • MVCC, Deadlocks
  • Oracle Indexes, B-Tree Indexes, Bitmap Indexes, Functional Indexes, Invisible Indexes
  • Query Plans, Actual Query Plan, Estimated Query Plan, Query Statistics
  • Optimizer Modes: Rules vs Cost Based, Managing Statistics
  • SQL Optimization Using TKProf
  • Oracle Table Partitioning, Range Partitioning, List Partitioning, Hash Partitioning, Interval Partitioning, Referential Partitioning, Oracle Index Partitioning
  • Local Indexes, Global Indexes, Global Partitioned Indexes
  • Tuning SGA Structure Oracle Query Hints, Tuning SGA Structure
  • Automatic Shared Memory, SQL Hints
  • Monitoring & Re-Constructing Indexes, Monitoring Triggers & Constraints
  • Tuning Disk I/O, SQL Trace Utility
  • Materialized Views, Static Materialized Views, Refreshable Materialized Views
  • SQL Optimization Using Explain Plan, SQL Optimization Using Auto Trace
  • Advanced Performance Tuning, Tuning PGA & Temporary Space
  • Generating STATSPACK Reports, Generating UTLBSTAT & UTLESTAT, Introduction To SQL Tunning



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